10 Sexual Intercourse in Drunkenness


ACCORDING to the Yellow Emperor's Manual of Internal Medicine, the earliest medical classic extant in China, one of the important causes limiting the longevity of humans is "sexual intercourse in drunkenness." The legendary Peng Zu, who is said to have enjoyed a long life, claimed that "sleeping alone is better than taking a hundred doses of life-preservation tonics."

Liquor has been popular since ancient times. Drinking a small amount can accelerate the circulation of the blood, rein¬force the efficacy of medicine, improve the appetite and re¬lieve fatigue. Traditional Chinese medicine uses liquor and medicinal ingredients to make medicinal liquors for treating diseases. Generally speaking, proper drinking is not opposed. But drinking too much, combined with sexual intercourse, means great harm to health. This is because while drunk people cannot control their behavior and sexual intercourse makes them overexcited. Indulgence in this greatly consumes the most fundamental substances in the body — jing and qi, the essence of life and vital energy.
TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine pays great attention to the role of sperm in men's health, considering it a key factor in preserving life. Luo Mingshan, 110, a traditional physician in Sichuan Province, said, "Sperm is a treasure of a man which should not be lost easily. Preserving it means pre¬serving life, for in doing so a man can postpone the aging pro-
cess." When asked the secret of his long life, he joked and said, "It is hard for you to learn my secret of living a hundred years, because I love the mountains and rivers much more than a beautiful wife." Modern immunology also proves that fre¬quent sexual intercourse while drunk can retard the functions of the immunity system, cause excessive excitement, greatly con¬suming energy and reducing the adaptability of organs.

The ancients discussed the season and frequency of sexual intercourse. As to season, the Inner Medicine holds that "in winter sperm should be preserved." A medical expert named Zhu Danxi (1281-1358) of the Yuan Dynasty stressed that "in summer man should sleep alone." In terms of frequency, Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty said, "At the age of 20 men ejacu¬lates once every four days; at 30 every eight days; at 40 every 16 days; at 50 every 21 days. " Sperm grows from primitive re¬productive cells, normally taking 60 days to mature. They are stored in the epididymis for 10 days before they possess repro¬ductive capability. The seminal and prostate fluids also need time to accumulate. Reproduction capability reduces in the ag¬ing process, so older people need longer intervals. The fre¬quency mentioned above basically conforms to physiological laws.

FROM the angle of lengthening life, people should pay great attention to avoiding intercourse while drunk. It is not only harmful to their own health, but can seriously harm the next generation. Studies show that babies born of "inter¬course in drunkenness" often suffer from mental disorders, hy¬pertension, ulcers and other diseases. Elderly people are espe¬cially forbidden to make love while drunk because of weakness¬es in vital energy and bodily functions.

Some doctors of traditional Chinese medicine hold that af¬ter the age of 60 men should stop sexual intercourse. Facts show that a controlled sexual life, later marriage and fewer offspring are indeed beneficial to health. Many emperors in Chinese history were short-lived because of their indulgence in liquor and women. On the other hand, a survey shows that 20 percent of the 72 centenarians in Sichuan Province controlled their sexual life and practiced family planning; 14 were mar¬ried after the age of 40; 23 had only one child and 32 had no child at all.

That sexual intercourse while drunk harms health is also proved abroad. For example, a millionaire in Venice was on the edge of death at the age of 35 because of his indulgence in liquor and women. He adopted the advice of a doctor that he control his sexual life and drinking. He prolonged his life an¬other half century. In his old age he wrote a book on his expe¬rience entitled How to Live a Hundred Years.

Life is precious, but it is also brief. For the happiness of yourself and your offspring, never make love in drunkenness.