Longxu(Dragon-Beard) Hook

The Longxu hook is a hidden weapon that originated in the Song Dynasty.

It was developed from the long-handle hook and short-handle tiger-head hook, with sharp blades on both sides.

The hook, made of steel, is about 33 cm long with an iron-ring fixed in the center of a semi-circular body for fixing a rope. On the front part of the semicircle are two parallel zigzaged spearheads, about 20 cm apart, which are bent outwardly into hooks. The ends of the hooks are about six centimeters long, with very sharp points, and saw teeth. The body of the Longxu hook is flat with the spear blade being 2 cm broad. The flat, semicircle, without edges and pricks, could be used as a handle. The rope, tying the hook on the one end, is about 10 meters long and has a noose at the other end for the wrist.

The main parts of Longxu hook for catching are the two zigzaged hooks. When the enemy is not caught with the hooks but hit by the saw teeth, it could wound him. Because of the saw-tooth hooks, good skills are needed when you throw or catch it otherwise you would hit yourself.

Iron-Brush Longxu (Dragon-Beard) Hook Throwing Arrow
Coin Tube-Arrow Emei Prick